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Models / Maleka

Avg Rating: 5.0

Maleka Vital Stats:

Maleka has very sexy size 8 feet and does fetish scenes. She is a joy to work with and always available for custom fetish videos. She lives just down the street from me. :)

Maleka Updates

Cougars Find Delicious Prey
Leilani Lei, Liv
Cougars walk into a room talking about how hungry they are. It is time for lunch, what should they have, where should they go? Wait, what are those tiny things on the floor? Are they bugs? No! They are tiny little men. How did they get so small? Where did they come from? Are they tasty?

Tags: Fetish
Tickling Pay Back
Leilani Lei, Liv
Whitney was on set constantly tickling everyone’s feet if they were in her reach and without consent. We had enough. We bind her up and tickle her feet relentlessly to teach her a lesson. We don’t think she learned it though ..

Tags: Tickling
Who Is The Most Ticklish?
Leilani Lei, Liv
Liv has three pairs of feet lined up. She wants to know which pair is the most ticklish and which foot of each pair. She tickles one foot at a time until she finds out!

Tags: Tickling
Worshipping 3 Pairs of Feet
Leilani Lei, Liv
Leilani has 3 pairs of wrinkled soles in her face. She starts to drool and reaches out for a foot to lick, nibble and suck on. So many feet for her to enjoy!

Tags: Foot Worship
Tickling Bound Feet
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Leilani has restrained Maleka’s feet with cuffs making it easier for her to tickle Maleka’s soft wrinkled soles with her long blue nails. Leilani loves the sounds Maleka makes when she tickles her feet. It makes Leilani laugh too.

Tags: Tickling
Podiatrist Shrunk Himself
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Three women waiting for the podiatrist. Third one to walk in, after realizing how long the other two have been waiting, starts poking around and finds the shrunken podiatrist under his coat. The three women tease him with their feet demanding answers to their problems.

Tags: Fetish
The Magical Socks
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Dr Lei has a patient who seems to be unable to think of anything but smelling the socks on her friends feet. Dr Lei leans in too close to try and talk with the young lady and suddenly she is lost in the smell of the socks on her friends feet. She can’t stop smelling them? What is going on?

Tags: Foot Worship, Socks n Stinky Feet
Sock Loser Humiliation
Leilani Lei, Maleka
Who is this person staring at us? Is he one of those weird foot guys we have heard about? Is he a loser for socks? Two women humiliate you for the attention you are giving to their sock covered feet.

Tags: Socks n Stinky Feet
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