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Models / SavvyG

Avg Rating: 3.5

SavvyG Vital Stats:

Savvy brings a lot of fun to a set. He is a joy to work with.

SavvyG Updates

Mature Woman Fucks Younger Man
Leilani Lei, SavvyG
Mature woman had her younger lover over. She always enjoyed his big dick. It fills her just right and gives her many orgasms. He is a good lover, knows how to use his dick to get her off hard. She cleans his dick off after he cums on her ass. POSITIONS: kissing, blow job, face sitting, missionary with...

Tags: Cougar, Interracial
Mature Enjoys Morning Wood
Beth McKenna, SavvyG
Mature women has woken up beside her boy toy who had stayed over after their date last night. It’s early and she says they don’t have to get up yet. He is already up, well at least his dick is. She loves morning wood and quickly wraps her mouth around his hard dick to show him.

Tags: Cougar, Interracial
BTS of Doctors Special Therapy
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Two doctors fight to treat a sexy patient in ER, then they team up to fuck him under the guise of checking in on their patient .. at home.

Tags: Behind The Scenes
Doctors Special Therapy
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Two mature ER doctors rush to help the sexy man just admitted, they both hit the door at the same time and agree to work together on this one. Turns out he was playing basketball with friends and sprained his ankle. Luckily for the women he was on the skins team and my goodness was he eye candy for them....

Tags: Cougar, CreamPie, Interracial, Threesomes n More
BTS of Friends Share
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Two mature friends haven’t seen each other in years. One hasn’t had sex in months. One has a boyfriend and is willing to share him, like they did in the old days.

Tags: Behind The Scenes
Friends Share
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Two mature ladies are visiting after many years. As they are catching up, the host’s boyfriend walks through the room. The guest, not having sex in many months, gets wet panties watching him walk through in only his briefs and socks. The conversation between them shifts and soon the host is offering...

Tags: CreamPie, Interracial
BTS of Massage Envy
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Leilani’s wild sister in law Beth spies on her massaging a client. She see’s Leilani and the client flirting with each other. She decides to help the situation along. When Leilani goes to get more oil, Beth steps in and takes things into her own hands.

Tags: Behind The Scenes
Massage Envy
Beth McKenna, Leilani Lei
Leilani’s wild sister-i-law, Beth, spies on Leilani flirting with one of her massage clients. It’s obvious to Beth the client wants more than a massage. When Leilani slips out of the room to get more oil, Beth decides to take matters into her own hands. Leilani returns to see Beth rubbing the clients...

Tags: CreamPie, Interracial, Threesomes n More
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